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Hot Stepmom Caught Me Jacking Off!
She said "I enjoy the fact that you like to cum in my panties" as she said that she touched my cock through the sheet and brushed the head of it. My cock jerked and was throbbing..she took my hand and put it on her breast and asked me if that was ok. "I want to see you jack off your cock" I almost blew my load then and there, it was a dream cum true. After I said ok, she pulled the sheet back and my cock was standing at attention, she could not take her eyes off my 8 in cock...
Author: Rick51515
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Dog-Days Afternoon
...Rory held his cocktip against my asshole as he moved tightly up against my butt cheeks, and as the pain cleared from my head I twisted my head as far as I could, cleared the edge of the bed frame and started to lift my head. Suddenly Rory fired his haunches forward and I saw lights bursting in my mind and felt a searing pain as Rory"s dog cock stabbed throught my tight sphincter muscle and raced into my bowels! I groaned in pain as I once again felt Rory`s penis bone spear me and scrap into...
Author: erosius2
Views: 1694, Votes: 307, Score: 7,36
When The Wife And I Were Feuding ..
“ Ok .. “ was all he said as he stood up .. and unbuckled his jeans .. she didn’t seem fazed as he pulled down his jeans .. and out popped 8 inches of black cock when soft ..”See .. your not anywhere near that big ..” she sat back and grinned .. “Well .. ya have to play with it some to get it bigger ..” he had a huge grin on his face as he moved over in front of her .. “ alright .. but I don’t think it will get much bigger ..“ as she took that big cock in her hands .. it grew huge immediately .
Author: aliasRJ
Views: 1305, Votes: 365, Score: 9,22
One Cock Is Never Enough
I keep having this recurring hot fantasy, and everytime I think about I can`t help but rub and finger my pussy and ass. I keep hoping that I`ll meet someone on Adult FriendFinder to fulfill it. I meet a guy on Adult FriendFinder and we chat, then decide to meet. We have two, maybe three really hot fuck sessions, and then one day he calls and asks me to come over. Wear something short and tight he tells me, I don`t want you to wear a bra tonight, but be a sweet girl and put on a pair really...
Author: BigSexyBlonde4U
Views: 510, Votes: 111, Score: 8,58
The Gay Family Vii
The fantasys that the story stirred up in his mind gave him an explosive climax and he slipped back into bed for a sound night`s sleep.A few days later the twins couldn`t wait to get home.On the bus they kept grabbing each others cocks laughing and joking around. Tommy Ryan with his red hair and big blue eyes caught a few glances at them thinking how great it would be to have a brother to mess with like them...
Author: RoforCock
Views: 691, Votes: 33, Score: 7,92
Licking My Sister`s Wet Pussy!
Her other hand caught my hand and she pushed my other hand on to her pussy and looked at me and whispered ` rub my choot" jor is rub kar apni bahen ki choot ko` ungli choot mey daal - please. She was almost begging and urging me at the same time. My hands were trembling and so were my legs and she had a very good grip on my cock and she was massaging my cock and staring at it. Kitna motey a tera lund...maine kai bar tere ko nanga dekha hai aur tere lund ko choosena chaya hai...
Author: Buddy1060
Views: 9303, Votes: 140, Score: 5,2
Daughter`s Surprise
I have to admit this was not the first time I had seen Shari naked with a sex partner. We share a bathroom between our two rooms. Shari brings her boyfriends (and girlfriends) home after they have been out and I don`t discourage that for safety reasons. I`d rather know she is at home than snogging in a car or at some guy`s house where who knows what will happen. Both doors to the bath are hollow core so don`t do much to stop sound...
Author: byrnehawk
Views: 7125, Votes: 169, Score: 4,59
Based On A True Observation
water bottle around and started to work the bottom end into her wet dripping pussy. "God it`s big and cold but I`m wet enough for this, " she giggled. Sure enough she had slid it in and was beginning to slide the bottle in and out like a pro. "This feels so good!!" she yelled. She pumped herself ten more times and then she went into a screaming orgasm. "Agghh!!!" she screamed and pulled out the bottle and squirted all over the dash and windshield in front of her...
Author: windsjohn
Views: 633, Votes: 13, Score: 0,29
Fucking My Step-Daughter 2
How had she learned this stuff? Her sister was three years older, of course, and had started university last term.Maybe I had two incredibly randy little sluts in the family.Must find out I thought to myself, thinking of Chantelle, who at nineteen had matured into an even prettier girl than her sister, with long dark hair and a much curvier figure. Caroline had taken off her Jacket to reveal a tight, white blouse under which there was clearly nothing else...
Author: optimist1902
Views: 5280, Votes: 135, Score: 5,33
Wife/cousin Part 4
she winked at me and i rubbed my cock head up and down her crack and over her asshole. i pushed my cock head into her asshole. she was tight, i pushed further and further until i had about four inches of my cock into her asshole. she sighed as i stopped pushing and pulled my cock back, and then started fucking her asshole. she was rubbing her pussy and pulling on her nipples as i fucked her asshole...
Author: huey503
Views: 2914, Votes: 69, Score: 4,91
Wow Hard Cock
And I could tell she was smart. I just couldn`t believe this beautiful woman was here and now, she was so fantastic, hot dripping with erotic sophisticated sexual juice .. . ahh yes here one flaw she was hot dishy trampy. And I`m going to judge her? no way. "Wow, " I thought licking my lips, saliva running in my mouth as I was getting ready to taste the skin surrounding those beautiful nipples, gently carress her thin waist line, gently nibble at her succulent labia...
Author: funhotbod4u
Views: 719, Votes: 16, Score: 1,22
Back To School - 22
They had invited me and my date Marta to a swinger party the following Saturday and she was calling to make sure I was still coming. “I’m still planning on it, ” I told her, “but I do have one problem.Marta and I aren’t seeing each other any more but I do have another friend who’d like to come.” “That shouldn’t be a problem, ” she told me. “She’s about five years younger and at least a cup size bigger up front, so the guys should enjoy her, ” I explained...
Author: dodoyoudodome
Views: 439, Votes: 12, Score: 6,51
My First Bi Time
He then turned me around and took off my shirt and pants, I wasn`t wearing underwear and he said he liked that.He then pushed me down by the shoulders and I got a up close look at his cock. He said in his profile he was above ave., and he wasn`t lying. It was at least 8 inches and I could barely get my hand around it. He was leaking pre-cum and I knew he wanted me to suck him, I tentatively licked it and tasted that salty mixture which I have grown to enjoy, I sucked the best I coould and I...
Author: gent1_29
Views: 2768, Votes: 95, Score: 7,35
The Drive-In Part 1
my pants and set my cock free by pulling up one side of my boxers. She readjusted my balls so that I was nice and comfortable and before I could spit out "Honey, so soon?" her head disappeared into my lap and her mouth locked onto the head of my cock.To make a long story short, we pulled up to the cashier booth not more than five seconds after I shot my last stream of hot cum into Su`s warm mouth. She was still licking cum from her lips while I was paying to get in. (to be continued)...
Author: XXotique2
Views: 568, Votes: 15, Score: 3,28
Trina Part Two
“Trina!” I said nervously, peering over my shoulder towards the driveway. “Christy could be home any minute now!” I warned her, already feeling my erection telling me that that ‘randy’ emotion I’d tucked away for the evening was about to make an appearance. “I know. But I was horny. I’ve been thinking about you all day, and Fred’s all worn out, so I got to wondering what else I could find to keep myself entertained until you got home, ” she said wickedly...
Author: Thesandman1951
Views: 1657, Votes: 97, Score: 7,69
The Work Out
...hairy snatch!!!” The soapy water coupled with Brenda’s strong hands were having a profound effect on her, and when the muscular blonde took one of her nipples into her mouth, Julie just sighed deeply before letting her hand slip over her round tummy and down to her now burning clit!!! Several other women had just come into the shower room, but Julie was now too far gone to care, so as Brenda sucked on her tits, her finger literally flew over her now very hard clit!!! The other women were...
Author: choclatesnow
Views: 505, Votes: 17, Score: 5,11
Erotic Adventure # 2
...respect their privacy I turned away from them , a few minutes later I heard a louder rustling noise from behind me , as I turned it was then I noticed the girl had removed her shirt and was wearing only her bra , she was straddled on top of her boyfriend and he was massaging her breasts , not wanting to be intrusive I turned my back to them so that they could enjoy themselves in private , a few moments later I heard even a louder rustling noise coming from the trees , as I turned to see what...
Author: rickyw1960
Views: 306, Votes: 11, Score: 3,92
The Palace
I`d lick softly at first but quickly move onto sucking and nibbling. My hard cock would be pressed in the crack of you butt, leaving a puddle of precum, as my hips moved slowly in a humping motion. I`d suck my way to your ear, taking it into my mouth and biting down on it. My tongue would tickle your ear and your body would wiggle, moving your ass cheeks against my hardness. My arm would slide under you, cupping a breast, pinching a nipple and bringing you up onto your knees all at once...
Author: JohnnyBravo256
Views: 167, Votes: 4, Score: 4,02
My Best Friends
we decided to go to the bedroom jessica and i kissing all the ways up the stair we started to tag team jack jack was playing with jessica clit and i was wanking his and sucking him it was so hot i got my rabbit vibe out and started to used on myself that turn jessica and jack on more.jack kiss me and play with jessica then there was a loud knock of the door leave it i said in the heat of passion shit jessica said i told my boyfriend to pick me up from here one more bang on the door i will go...
Author: hostbody69
Views: 1829, Votes: 42, Score: 2,77
Sometimes Things Happen !!
her ass with his tongue as his fingers again fucked her pussy. He slid back into her pussy, making her cum again and again then pulled out and slowly, gently entered her ass. Her tight ass hole surrounded his cock, as both moaned He couldn`t hold it any more. He grabbed her around the waist bucking into her ass as he blew his hot heavy load into it. They both fell to the bed breathing hard. He took her in his arms and they drifted off to sleep. Both knowing that this was just the beginning.
Views: 1384, Votes: 39, Score: 6,17
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