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I Lost The Bet, So I Held His Large Cock While My Wife Sucked
Anyway, my best friend used to screw my wife alot, almost every day and often more than once a day. They got along well in bed, and we had hundreds of 3-somes. One night, we were both teasing her in bed, and driving her crazy, while she stroked us both. We joked about her orgasms, and Dave said "I`ll bet you a blow-job I can make her cum 5 times". I said, make it eight times, and you can cum in my mouth. Dave knew how homo-phopic I was, so we both took it as a joke...
Author: Averagedick65
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My Black Begining
One day he came by and didn`t knock boy did he get a surprise I was on my back with my legs in the air getting my brains fucked out. He kind of looked then left.He called me later that night and we talked about what he had seen and I told him stright up that I liked him a lot but I also liked dating and fucking black guys if he could deal with that then we were ok if not then leave me alone. When I would fly out and have layovers I was seeing and fucking several guys...
Author: MikeHarley03
Views: 1019, Votes: 219, Score: 6,5
He Was 23, She 45
After about 20 minutes or so I suggested that we go into the bedroom and continue as the bugs were getting bad. We dried and went to our king size bed where she bent over doggie style and asked him to fuck her hard.I crawled under her to get a good view and saw that her pussy was opened so wide accomadating his large dick that her clit was fully exposed.I couldn`t help myself, I started licking and sucking her clit, my toung touching his gaint dick as he slammed in and out of her now sloppy...
Author: privatetimes2
Views: 2576, Votes: 77, Score: 8,62
My Wife`s Birthday Surprise
I just pulled her close with my arms wrapped around her, and told her how much I loved her. On the lower part of my body I could feel both his and her the love juices flowing out of her pussy. It was such a turn on! I wanted to fuck her immediately, but said to my self, “there is always tomorrow.” We fell asleep that night in each others arms. When I awoke the next morning, it slowly dawned on me that it was still a month until her 30th birthday...
Author: amerphilcouple
Views: 660, Votes: 351, Score: 7,81
Morning Surprise
Your hands are firmly squeezing your tits. You suddenly push my head away from your clit and turn over.You get on your knees with your ass in the air and tell me to fuck you from behind. I get up on the bed and you guide my hard cock into your very wet pussy. Is slowly slide my dick inside your cunt until be stomach meets your ass cheeks. I feel the head of my cock swell as I fill your pussy. Your pussy is very warm and smooth inside...
Author: humpin28379
Views: 128, Votes: 114, Score: 7,85
Naked In A Public Movie Theater!
I was a little scared at first, but I was so horny thinking about it I calmed down since I knew my home had a garage and that there was little anyone could do if they did see me naked in my car. After all, I had driven several times at night naked. It had always been very late at night, and hardly any cars on the road. There would be a lot more cars out this time though so this would be a true test of my exhibitionistic side...
Author: Slut4thePublic
Views: 1358, Votes: 355, Score: 7,29
School Fantasy
This cunt was awesome, shaved bald, and hung just enough to where it looked mouthwatering.she spread her lips with her two fingers. i moved in. with my dick positioned right out side her opening i slowly inserted all 9". it felt so great i had never fucked a girl before with out a condom, much less my super hot counselor. i pumped harder and harder each time, she moaned and played wiht her nipples. i pumped harder and harder, when i felt myself about to cum i began to pull out, but good ol Mrs...
Author: cockready2rock
Views: 321, Votes: 3, Score: 2,94
A Hectic Day
And you came instantly.... Almost with a whistle of air, and a tiny shriek... you came all over his cock. His fingers were still doing their dance on your clit, and it was almost too much. You couldn`t even fuck him back; you were so lost in the passion and the pleasure. Yet he was smoothly and gracefully moving in and out of you.... Fucking you deeply and quietly... only his ragged breath telling you that he was as lost in the moment as you. You came again while he began to speed up a little..
Author: LonelyMarine
Views: 102, Votes: 22, Score: 6,85
My Wife`s Second Threesome What A Slut She Can Be!
video thier fuckin moment. The guy then start to pump my wife faster and deeper and all i could hear is her loud moan and orgasm after orgasm. She was fuck dog style as she suck my hard dick. I came several times in her mouth and pussy. We made her a true slut that night and she really is up to it. After a few moments the guy carried my wife fuck her sideways while she sucks me he fuck her soooo deep and hard that she shouts for more. That night end with fucking and kissing and drinking.
Author: wife4lesbian
Views: 645, Votes: 37, Score: 1,04
Our Fantasies Can Be Realities
Feeling his warm hot meat against my sensitive hot spot made me want more of him. I backed up to him and he smacked my ass again and told me he would do it in his own time. I was glad I had the shirt in my mouth or else I would have yelped.Dan continued sliding his head all around my pussy, teasing and taunting my clit and lips. My pussy was moist and my clit hard. Without warning he drove his erection in and hit the spot deep inside me...
Author: Sanityisgone4eva
Views: 4969, Votes: 105, Score: 8,9
Hot Bi Lovers (part 2)
“Come on handsome, ” Jackie said to me. “Stick your tongue in there. It won’t bite. I promise that you’ll like it!” Pushing my face farther into Brad’s ass I stuck out my tongue and licked the opening of his asshole. Then I closed my eyes and pushed my tongue past his sucking anus. “Oh God!” Celeste exclaimed. “This looks so fucking good.Fuck his asshole with your tongue Mike. Fuck it hard baby!” I felt Jackie and Celeste watching me intently as I fucked Brad’s shithole with my tongue...
Author: bisexlover5
Views: 3456, Votes: 176, Score: 6,62
The Cheat
He was getting close and started to pump faster when he heard her moaning and could feel her rubbing her clit faster and faster. He told her he was ready to come and stopped what he was doing.She got on her back on the bathroom rug and they did a 69 because that was their favorite position. As she started to deep throat him again she heard him groaning and knew he was ready.She wanted to come at the same time so she told him to finger fuck her while licking her and he did...
Author: sexdoll1970h
Views: 560, Votes: 11, Score: 5,04
Spring Baseball Camp Fla
Al was showing me the shots in his camera and said you know your body is as good as Kathys, you could pass for sisters.His compliment sent a warm feeling through my body. He looked at me and said I see your nipples still get big even with the implants . Kathy had previously told him I had gotten implants from my boy friend for a birthday present. I couldn`t denie they were hard since they cleared showed in this brief bikini. He told me to lean back so the could take some pictures...
Author: karmiexyz
Views: 3886, Votes: 72, Score: 6,29
Becky`s Ring
I reached for the mouse to disconnect the connection, but she pulled it away from me, just staring.I started to apologize for my inappropriate choice of websites, when I saw her hand was up under her skirt and it was moving rapidly back and forth. “God, I didn’t know men did that to woman. And the way she is acting. Does that really happen?” she asked me. “Becky, Oh yes. I’ve seen it many times in person. Not just on a website.” “Oh God, look at her, look at all the fluid she is passing...
Author: MuffDiver22006
Views: 1957, Votes: 90, Score: 8,68
My Hot Sis
she looked like a godess with perfect shaped body.tight boobs with erect nipples slightly hairy pussy.a perfect butt.she is like a milky star with not even a piece of thread om her body.i stared at her for sometime and again started kissing her. now i started to cup her swee pussy and started rubbing it.she is getting hotter and hotter.now i kept i fingure in her pussy and started to move it circles.she is moaning which is making me even hotter...
Author: garuda19822
Views: 4071, Votes: 136, Score: 3,49
School Days 2
Then she arched up and froze as she had the first orgasm. Then fell back to the couch her body all trembling and jumping. I was getting so close with what Sara was doing, I tried to warn her I was about to cum. She reached her arms around my waist and held me till i shot deep into her mouth. She choked a bit as I kept cum ming. Overflowing her mouth and running down thew sides of her face. I eased myself off of her and we got on the floor and rested side by side. Kissing each other...
Author: gentlelv
Views: 999, Votes: 29, Score: 7,75
Orgasm Torture Ch.4
He took her by the hand to bring her to where he stood. Sara stood between Rose`s widespread legs, gazing at her shaved pussy and exposed nakedness like someone seeing a sunset for the first time. Val took her hand and placed in on Rose`s inner thigh – getting her started. Sara ran her hands up and down Rose`s smooth thighs – causing tingles to shoot through Rose`s body as she did. She looked at Val and he nodded at her – as if to give her the "go ahead" to move on in her exploration...
Author: Rick251000
Views: 488, Votes: 15, Score: 6,5
Just A Fantasy.................... Or Was It?
You lean forward, away from me and put my cock back in your pussy, riding it hard. You sit back against me and lean your head back so I can kiss the side of your neck. Your head is back and your hair brushing on my back and shoulders feels fantastic. I can look down and see your tits bouncing up and down as you ride me hard. Up and down you go, faster and faster and I can feel your slick pussy gripping my cock like a vice...
Author: lrgeone1968
Views: 249, Votes: 5, Score: 3,47
Surf`s Up Dude!
A moan slipped out too. He has to know how good he feels in me. Then I realized I had not said anything. I was just enjoying this too much. I opened my eyes and they met his. I smiled and told him how good this was and with a smile on his face he began to thrust harder and it felt much deeper. I could feel my orgasm building and I was not going try and stop it.I had not had this in such a long time. And I was going to savor every last second of every last quake. “Oh God… Fuck me… Fuck me hard...
Author: mickiishere
Views: 261, Votes: 12, Score: 5,63
Knowing Your Banker
to cumming, she milked my balls more and sucked my shaft down her throat. it was all i could take, my cock exploded, i felt my cum shooting down her throat and she just swallowed and swallowed until my entire load was finished.then she took my cock out of her mouth and smiled at me, that was so good she said. I pulled her to her feet and kissed her, hot mouth, tasting my sweet cum on her tongue and mouth. i sat her up on the desk and pulled her pants and panties off, . . . more to follow.
Author: huey503
Views: 1548, Votes: 30, Score: 4,81
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